Copulins Crazy Cool!

So, I continue to wear my pheromones whenever I intend to get social, mostly on Friday nights when I head out on the town with my girls. I started sharing my guy magnet secret with my gal pals and they are loving it! We are a force to be reckoned with now when we step into those clubs. I cannot remember the last time I bought my own drink. It’s that amazing! But I really wanted to share with you one particular event that just made my week!

Okay, so last Saturday was my girlfriend Angelique’s birthday, the big 30, ladies, you know how that can be. So she was determined to spend the day in pajamas eating ice cream, bemoaning the fact that her life was now over. As her best friend I could not let that happen. Me and the girls spiffed her up and slapped some of the copulin formula on her and went out on the town looking for a good time.

We decided to go to a club with extremely exclusive access. We purposefully walked right past the doorman controlling the rope. After a double-take, he called us back and let us all in! The looks on the faces of the girls left in line was PRICELESS!  We got inside and the place was packed with the most gorgeous men I had ever seen! It was like a buffet of hotness! Of course that is what they must have been thinking when they saw us because not 5 minutes in finding a cozy corner booth to commiserate in were we approached by two of these fine gentlemen. It being Angelique’s birthday we introduced her first and invited them to sit with us, one on each side of her. It was so much fun to watch them vie for her attention!  I will stop the story there because I don’t want to go into the explicit details of the evening. Let me just sum it up really quick. FUN FUN FUN!

Trust me ladies. This is the answer. Get it. Use it! You’ll be glad you did!

Copulins – They Make His Sex Drive Go “BOOM”

As promised ladies, I’m going to share with you more about the little wonderful pheromone, Copulins, that increased my personal satisfaction with my love life dramatically!

They have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. One friend of mine who uses said it made her boyfriend’s sex drive go “BOOM!”  It is said that once a man smells Copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive. Pheromones will affect how a male behaves sexually twoard a female, but copulins will affect a male’s dominant/submissive behavior. Each female’s copulins will affect each male’s sexual behavior differently and at different levels. So remember that you may need to adjust levels of use of your pheromone product that contains copulins. The strong effect that copulins have indicate when a woman is wear it, a man may be more flirtatious, offer gifts, good deeds, gestures, ect. Pheromones including copulins provide a dramatic increase in sexual behavior which allows men and women to engage in more serious intimate encounters and enjoy the pleasure of attraction according to the amplifying effects that copulins have.

Check back later and I’ll have more information for you about copulins and their amazing properties!

Copulins – Definitely NOT a Cop-Out

Ladies are you not getting the attention you want/deserve from the opposite sex? I know this feeling and was there not long ago myself. I use to think that I was doing something wrong; wearing the wrong perfume, wearing the wrong color, or just wasn’t attractive. These kind of thoughts would just spin in my head as I would spend Friday nights alone. So because I wasn’t dating on Friday nights, I did what any home-body was doing, I searched the web.

One night while browsing around I found the answer I’d been looking for! Trust me, I was not looking for a miracle, but I found one in Dr. Amend’s Pheromone Advantage! Reading through his site’s information about pheromones I found some great information on what I could do to improve my appeal to the opposite sex and also found a product that has drastically changed my Friday nights and because I like ya’ll so much, I’m going to share!!

I found that his Women’s formula (which attracts men) contained the highest concentration of the pheromone copulins.  Copulins increase testosterone levels in men and cause them to feel much more masculine than they already do, which makes them more likely to man up and approach you when you are just being the natural knock-out you are! No other formula that I’ve tried, because I was savvy and shopped around, had the same concentration of copulins in it and did not have the same drastic effect that Dr. Amend’s did.

I am one satisfied lady now each and every Friday night and hopefully passing this on to you will make your experiences better too!

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Information on Copulins coming soon!